You’ve got a friend in me

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Does anyone else ever look in their kid’s room and think “this room is bursting at the seams, there is literally no room for ANY MORE TOYS”?  Or is it just me?  Toys, or objects that can be used as a toy, play a central role in the development of our children.  They encourage play […]


In my daughter’s eyes

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I never thought I wanted children for many reasons, but the main one being I was just too selfish. Who wants to sacrifice hours of sleep every night for however long? Who wants their “me” time to pretty much disappear? Who likes cold tea/coffee? Who wants to spend the next substantial amount of years feeling […]



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August 31st 1997.  Who were you with?  September 11th 2001.  Where were you?  March 23rd 2020.  How does that make you feel? Memory.  A feeling I’m struggling to find words to describe.  My little Awena is approaching her first birthday and I absolutely can’t believe it.  Nearly a year on, I am feeling such a […]

basic need

Rainbows and butterflies

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One thing I hold lockdown completely responsible for is robbing me of my creative streak.  I haven’t written a blog consistently for months, not due to the lack of something to say, but due to the fact that I have just found it so difficult to motivate myself to be expressive.  Emotions are funny things […]


The sweetest gift

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Why is mum guilt such a real and often daily thing?  Why is it that when they’re tucked up in bed you look at them and think; “why can’t I feel these in-love and mushy feelings towards them when they’re up and about, climbing the walls and generally driving me around the bend?”  I definitely […]


Endless love

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Love. What a tiny looking word with such a weighted and complicated meaning. Prior to having kids or even getting married, I don’t think I really understood the depth needed to love. I hadn’t grasped the multi-faceted three-dimensional nature of love. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a very loving family but see […]