Hello and a huge welcome to Bumpino.  My name is Rachel.  I am a mum of now two, play therapist and personal trainer.  I have a number of passions in life, two of which are watching children learn through play and getting out of doors. 

I love writing whatever is on my mind really, but always hope that it can bring some enlightenment or encouragement to mummies and parents across the globe.

This is me

You’ve probably heard it said “every baby is different” and of course that’s true.  In fact, every mother is different...

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August 31st 1997.  Who were you with?  September 11th 2001.  Where were you?  March 23rd 2020.  How does that make...

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Due to the crazy times we currently find ourselves in (and having recently become a mum for the second time), Bumpino’s classes are currently looking slightly different.

Core Restore is up and running on zoom, so please visit the shop to book online.

With the winter approaching and the continued uncertainty, the other classes are currently taking a pause…but do watch this space and please get in touch if you are interested in the future.


Pregnancy yoga is very popular to help manage breathing and so a class like Bump Camp works very well alongside. Bump Camp is an exercise class suited for all stages of pregnancy. It focuses on perfecting functional movements, maintaining strength and general cardio fitness. 

Now Available ONLINE

Pregnancy and labour certainly take your body through a rough ride and the chance for recovery is somewhat limited now that you have a little bundle in your arms. 

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