From that ‘I’m pregnant’ moment, life changes. Looking after yourself changes too.

Being a mum is hard work. From pregnancy, through birth and into the first years of being a parent, life can move by in a blur of new experiences. Every mum has her own ups and downs, but for all of us two things are certain: having a baby is incredibly demanding, and the time either side of delivery is not like any other stage of our lives.

Our bodies, minds and routines feel so different that the idea of exercising can seem confusing at best and hopeless at worst. We know physical activity has so many benefits, but reaching them by ourselves can feel like just another responsibility. Here at Bumpino, I know that becoming a mum brings enough of those already, so I want to make exercising easy for you!

Bumpino’s group and personal sessions are designed to give you the support, understanding and workouts you need in this tough but amazing time of life!