Due to the crazy times we currently find ourselves in (and having recently become a mum for the second time), Bumpino’s classes are currently looking slightly different.

Core Restore is up and running on zoom, so please visit the shop to book online.

With the winter approaching and the continued uncertainty, the other classes are currently taking a pause…but do watch this space and please get in touch if you are interested in the future.

Bump Camp

Pregnancy is such a crazy, yet remarkably short (although it doesn’t feel it at the time) time of life. But the lasting effects, not to mention the baby that follows, have a much longer impact. You may have heard giving birth compared to running a marathon. There are mixed views on exactly how true this is, but nevertheless, it is hard work and one I wouldn’t want to do without some sort of preparation.

Pregnancy yoga is very popular to help manage breathing and so a class like Bump Camp works very well alongside. Bump Camp is an exercise class suited for all stages of pregnancy. It focuses on perfecting functional movements, maintaining strength and general cardio fitness. All exercises are tailored accordingly to your fitness levels and stage of pregnancy.

Exercising when pregnant can be daunting and often feel like the last thing you want to do. However, many of the Bumpino mummies have said how much better they feel after a class when the alternative might have been crashing on the sofa after work. The classes run every Wednesday from 6-7 pm. Currently, we meet in Hamadryad Park and will do so until the nights start to close in on us.

Core Restore
(now online – visit shop)

Pregnancy and labour certainly take your body through a rough ride and the chance for recovery is somewhat limited now that you have a little bundle in your arms. Ladies that Crunch is a relaxed class which allows you to focus on that all-important healing after giving birth. The class is low impact and contains a serious of safe exercises to help restore your pelvic floor, strengthen your lower back and help you abdominal muscles close up again.

All exercises can be modified and are safe to do as little as two weeks after giving birth.

The class runs weekly, every Thursday from 12-1 at Channel View Leisure Centre, Grangetown, Cardiff.


One of the most difficult things after having a baby can be psyching yourself up to get out of the house.  Yet, for so many of us, we know, when we do, we feel so much better.  Bootcamp is an opportunity to do just that.  Working at your level you can enjoy fresh air, the company of other mummies, and some exercise.

Exercise is not only good for us physical, especially after having a baby, but it is helpful for our emotional and mental wellbeing too.  Exercise is scientifically proven to symptoms relating to depression, including postnatal depression.  With the chance to chat with other mummies too we can learn the challenges and joys of parenting together, sharing sweet and horror stories whilst releasing endorphins as we exercise.

Currently we meet every Thursday from 10.30-11.30am at Hamadryad Park.  We try not to let the weather stop us!