Hello and a huge welcome to Bumpino.  My name is Rachel.  I am a mum of now two beautiful daughters, play therapist and personal trainer.  I have a number of passions in life and it is from these passions that Bumpino was born. 

I have learnt so much being a mum and can safely say I still have a lot to learn.  However, one thing I will always value is the importance of community.  Being a mum is one of the hardest jobs I do and the only one I don’t have a qualification for.  I believe shoulders to lean on or learn from are fundamental in this journey.

Over the years I have worked with a lot of struggling families.  As parents, we have such a responsibility to teach our children, but the teaching we have in parenting is very limited.   Meeting with other mums and sharing and learning together is invaluable.  The great outdoors is the perfect setting to foster these relationships.  Away from the jobs of the house and the confinement of indoors, getting out with other like-minded mums, doing something for your own physical and mental health has massively positive effects on our wellbeing.  It is so hard to be good at anything when we don’t feel right in ourselves.  By allowing yourself a little self-care  (with your little one in tow) you provide yourself with the opportunity to give a fair shot at some of the challenges motherhood brings.  Being a mum brings immense joy and is hugely rewarding and I think these moments totally outweigh the challenges.  But, that is because I ensure I find people to share the challenges with, give advice and lighten the load.  As the famous African proverb goes “Oran a azu nwa” (it takes a village/community to raise a child).  Why try alone?