Bridge over troubled water

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Can anyone else believe we are in November already and can count on one hand the number of people who have been to your house in the last 8 months?  It’s been quite a year and one in which we really need to pull together…but, oh, wait, that is one of the things that has […]


The sweetest gift

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Why is mum guilt such a real and often daily thing?  Why is it that when they’re tucked up in bed you look at them and think; “why can’t I feel these in-love and mushy feelings towards them when they’re up and about, climbing the walls and generally driving me around the bend?”  I definitely […]


To boob or not to boob

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Too much, too little, on-demand, engorged, painful, sore nipples, forever hungry, mastitis, blocked ducts, embarrassing leakage, breast pads, exhausting, emotional, frantic feeds, expressing, pumping and dumping, scratched necks and chests, pulled hair…any of this sound familiar? Why would anyone want to breastfeed?  This week is world breastfeeding week and I think we should either pat […]


Life is a Rollercoaster

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On the 21st May, I started preparing to write a blog entitled Life is a Rollercoaster.  Seven weeks later, I am finally writing it.  I had planned to discuss the ups and downs of managing kids behaviour during lockdown.  Poppi had been doing amazingly well and then it was as if a switch had been […]