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Some peace of mind

It’s been weeks since I feel I’ve had the ability or mind space to sit down and write a blog.  I think that quite happily sums up how my brain feels at the moment…rather like mush.  As one Groundhog Day rolls into another it becomes not only essential to find those treasured moments we are thankful for but also our inner peace.  I don’t want to dwell on the negatives now, but instead, want to offer some tools I have found helpful.

We all know that homeschooling takes its toll (and I have to be thankful that I only have one that needs to be schooled, that she is not in a year group that sits major exams, that the maths she does is within my capability, and that she actually enjoys the activities she is asked to do).  However, she is not perfect and neither am I and there have been definite moments where this has been very evident.  A couple of weeks back in a supervision session I explored different ways of seeking out a sense of peace from within; something I can reach without having to go anywhere.  This has proved to be incredibly helpful and I hope that you might be able to find a similar aid.

We all know that our senses are powerful.  Sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and touches can suddenly transport us to distant (or less distant) memories.  I figured if I could create a memory through the use of my senses I might be able to draw on that experience at times of need.  In some of my previous supervision sessions, I have used a series of image-based cards known as Dixit cards.  These cards have a wide variety of images.  My supervisor shared a few with me and there is one in particular that I have really connected with.  Every time I feel the stress levels rising up in my body I have pulled this image to mind and the effects have been quite amazing.  

Dixit card image that has helped when I bring to mind

I don’t know about you, but I can get lost in a piece of music sometimes.  I find music to be so evocative.  I now have a short playlist on my phone with a number of “peaceful” tunes.  The other morning we had gotten off to a bad start so I got out my Bose speaker and as Poppi worked we had some beautifully relaxing and calming music in the background.  It certainly lowered the tension in the room.

A lovely peaceful piece that automatically brought calm to a tense room!

In the olden days, people used to use smelling salts to help them when they were in a flap.  Others like lavender.  I have yet to find a smell that does this for me, but if you do, please do share.  The more resources we have, the better.  Some people (and it’s not just kids) love stroking a label or something soft, like a smooth pebble.  Our bodies have great potential and we are pretty stuck with them, so why not use them for our benefit?!  I hope this week, as we continue to manage these tricky times, you are able to find something within your grasp that enables you to connect with a deep peace.  Connecting with ourselves enables us to connect better with others, including those little people in our lives who we love so dearly, but test us so brilliantly!

Where I might go if I could actually leave the house

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