Endless love

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Love. What a tiny looking word with such a weighted and complicated meaning. Prior to having kids or even getting married, I don’t think I really understood the depth needed to love. I hadn’t grasped the multi-faceted three-dimensional nature of love. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a very loving family but see […]


The Power of Love

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I know I’m a bit late in the month to be thinking about love, but I was struck by a somewhat saddening thought yesterday regarding the question of love.  You’ve heard me talk about love languages before and it’s something I have tried to reinstall in our family to get us thinking about how we […]


You Can’t Hurry Love

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This morning I was reminded of such a helpful tool I thought it only fair to share.  As a therapist, you might think I’m quite good at understanding how other people feel.  In some ways that is true (thank goodness you say), but in other ways, I still struggle to realise that people don’t feel […]