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Park Life

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Before becoming a parent one of the things I used to resent was standing, freezing my butt off, with other mums in the park, watching their children swing, slide etc, and only having the usual snippets of conversation as the parent tends to falls, friendship upsets, sibling rivalry etc.  But, since becoming a parent I […]


January Friend

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I tend to find January a bit of a tough month if I’m honest.  It’s cold and dark and often wet, and the twinkling lights and excitement of Christmas have been left behind.  I’m afraid winter is not my favourite season and January can often leave me wondering if the dreary bitterness will ever end. […]


Our daily bread

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Creativity, experimentation, an awakening of senses, connections, celebrations, enjoyment, fun, laughter, family, necessity, daily, basic need…what do all these connotations have in common?  Food.  Our daily bread.  Something we need to survive.  I love food!  I love exploring new tastes and trying new things.  I’ll be honest from the start, I am a fussy eater […]