January Friend

I tend to find January a bit of a tough month if I’m honest.  It’s cold and dark and often wet, and the twinkling lights and excitement of Christmas have been left behind.  I’m afraid winter is not my favourite season and January can often leave me wondering if the dreary bitterness will ever end.

So this year, at the end of January, I have decided to take a minute to look back and think of all the things I can be thankful for.  I find that in our society (and I’m a culprit too) it is so easy to be negative and grumbling.  Yet, we have so much to be grateful for it is unreal.  So come join me on the journey of January appreciations.

J is for Jubilant…jubilant rainy days. If we can’t beat them. Join them. Rain isn’t so bad if you kit yourself out for it and make the most of it. And then there’s always the arriving home, getting warm and having your favourite hot drink.

A is for Anticipation. What will this year hold? There is so much to be explored and discovered. The world holds such wonder and each year brings time to discover more.

N is for New beginnings. New year, new things. Fresh starts just like a new day. Time to reflect and time to set new challenges. The mystery of the unknown is about to start revealing itself.

U is for Uplifting icy beauty. January has those gems of a day when the world just sparkles.

A is for Advantageous. Let’s go into the year creating favourable circumstances, thinking positively and looking for that which increases our joy.

R is for Red skies. There is nothing quite like the beautiful sunset of a wintery January sky.

Y is for Yearly. January comes every year. Embrace it rather than run from it. We have so much to be thankful for. Surely we can find those things in January too!

One thought on “January Friend

  1. Such a great way to look at and find positives for January. I am with you in that it can be a tough month. It’s almost over though!

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