Choux stopper

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Last week I said that I’d share the recipe Daf and I created as one of our “date jar” activities, so to stay true to my word…here it is.  I love trying to think of different flavours that go together but often need some inspiration.  During the February half term, Daf and I were fortunate […]


Make a memory

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So here we are again.  The days are long, the weeks even longer, but the moments are still there.  As we battle through this time together I cannot encourage you more to keep tracking your “highs and lows” of the day (a wonderful dinner time conversation introduced to us by some very dear friends).  The […]


What I go to school for

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To encourage you all, this week has been significantly better.  Having taken my own advice last week we have gotten off to a much better start.  I’m in no fairy-tale way thinking that this is it now, we’re sorted, but that with different expectations we are more prepared for the long game. Today, I thought […]


Bubble Pop

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Hasn’t it been nice to have the sun over the last couple of days and appreciate the warmth of it in comparison to the crisp autumnal air?  After such a lot of rain, it has been a great blessing.  Nevertheless, the rain does force us to get more creative indoors and so Poppi and I […]


Old Paint

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Ahhh, the summer holidays.  I wonder how you read that “ahhh”.  Ahhh as in “help” or ahhh as in “phew”.  The summer holidays can be an almighty sense of relief for some parents, but for others, they can be quite the opposite and somewhat daunting.  Six endless weeks to fill with activities and entertainment.  As […]