Time after time

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Do you ever think there’s not enough time in life? I think that must be the thing I say the most. In fact, I probably say it every day. When your day is squished between 9 and 3 and nap times are the only time you have to get anything done life continually feels very […]


In my daughter’s eyes

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I never thought I wanted children for many reasons, but the main one being I was just too selfish. Who wants to sacrifice hours of sleep every night for however long? Who wants their “me” time to pretty much disappear? Who likes cold tea/coffee? Who wants to spend the next substantial amount of years feeling […]

basic need

Rainbows and butterflies

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One thing I hold lockdown completely responsible for is robbing me of my creative streak.  I haven’t written a blog consistently for months, not due to the lack of something to say, but due to the fact that I have just found it so difficult to motivate myself to be expressive.  Emotions are funny things […]


The power of touch

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Did you know that positive physical touch is necessary for human survival?  Crazy eh?  The other day I popped a little question up on Facebook to ask if you could do anything today, what would that be.  74% responded with seeing friends and family and of that 74%, 41% specified seeing friends and family and […]


Bridge over troubled water

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Can anyone else believe we are in November already and can count on one hand the number of people who have been to your house in the last 8 months?  It’s been quite a year and one in which we really need to pull together…but, oh, wait, that is one of the things that has […]


The sweetest gift

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Why is mum guilt such a real and often daily thing?  Why is it that when they’re tucked up in bed you look at them and think; “why can’t I feel these in-love and mushy feelings towards them when they’re up and about, climbing the walls and generally driving me around the bend?”  I definitely […]