Working Nine Till Five

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Two questions to throw out to all the mums out there…hands up who values being a mum?  Hands up who values going to work?  So if you do value both of these things, how do the two work well together?  This is a balance I continue to work out.  As a large proportion, but not […]


Wake up and pay attention

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I learnt a valuable lesson on Saturday.  One of the challenges I have found in becoming a mum of two is making sure my attention appears fairly distributed.  Obviously, as a six-month-old, Awena requires more of my immediate attention; she needs to be fed, dressed, have her happy changed, be carried to get from A […]


The sweetest gift

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Why is mum guilt such a real and often daily thing?  Why is it that when they’re tucked up in bed you look at them and think; “why can’t I feel these in-love and mushy feelings towards them when they’re up and about, climbing the walls and generally driving me around the bend?”  I definitely […]


You just gotta ride it

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Neonates.  What an all-encompassing, all-consuming, emotionally exhausting experience.  I’m finding it hard to find the words to say to describe the 19 days Awena spent in the neonatal unit.  I think I have to start by thanking the amazing staff who made the whole experience so much more manageable.  Without their reassurance, confidence and general chats I am convinced […]


Mum Guilt

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Earlier this year I heard someone answer the question “what would you do differently in life” as follows: “ I’d fill it with less stuff”.  That really got me thinking.  What is “stuff”?  Is it meaningful or just stuff?  The answer prompted me to take a rain check on all the stuff in my life […]