Peace, be still

Time is definitely a healer, right? This may be so but it’s definitely not a remover. Yesterday was national premature baby day. Be it randomly or coincidentally, whilst watching Bake Off #GBBO this incredibly emotive Pampers advert popped up.

It took me right back. I haven’t been able to shift the feeling it evoked. All day I have been a huge mix mash of feelings just like I did when Awena was in the hospital. I have an amazing sense of gratitude that she is safe, home and well, but an almost overwhelming sense of anticipation, exhaustion, turmoil and a kind of guilt for those parents still in NICU with their tiny ones.

I have had the privilege today of interviewing another mummy who experienced the rollercoaster ride of a premature baby.

Can you briefly describe your experience?
Our baby girl was born at 31 weeks via an emergency c-section to save both her life and mine.

What was the most challenging thing about having a premature baby?
I think the most challenging thing was the unknown, would she come home, when would she come home, would she be able to breathe on her own, feed on her own, what would her future be like.

What comforted/helped you the most whilst your baby was in the hospital?
We were most comforted by the VCreate updates overnight when our daughter was in the intensive care unit.

What was your most joyful memory/what brought a smile to your face whilst your baby was in the hospital?
Among our most joyful moments were when I came round from my general anaesthetic to hear that I had a baby girl and she had cried at delivery, the first time I held her when she was 4 days old, also the first time she latched on.

What hope and advice would you give to other parents with premature babies?
I think I would say that there will be very tough days but every day spent in the neonatal unit is one day closer to home and believe it or not one day it will seem like a very distant memory.

My heart goes out to all of those wonderful parents still fighting the battle for their tiny ones. This song was really helpful to me, so that is what I shall leave you with for now.