Picture Perfect

Today marks the end of maternal mental health week and the focus for today is positivity.

When I was at university I had a really tough second year and grew to hate the place I was studying and most things associated with it.  When it came to returning to university after a break there was a large grey cloud hovering and I literally dragged my feet with my head hung low forcing myself to complete my second and third year.  At the time my mum encouraged me to “capture the moments”, to try and hang on to the little glimmers of hope, joy, and peace within a day.

This advice has stayed with me and had been so helpful during my time as a mother.  I have had points during motherhood when I have seriously questioned the choice I made.  I have found little to no joy and found it difficult to find delight in this emotional adventure.  But, with the amazing support of friends and family, I have pushed through the difficult phases.  That doesn’t mean they are over, but it means I know I can do it next time around. 

A while ago I tasked myself to start making a list at the end of each day of one thing I was thankful for or that had brought a smile to my face.  In October 2018 I decided to publicize these thoughts and devised #octobermoments (@bumpinomummy).  For so many people, these moments encouraged others to think about what they were thankful for that day.  And that is my challenge to you today.  The list on the notes section of my phone is growing every day and it’s so helpful to look back and see all the different things I have found to be thankful for. When life feels bleak, these are the picture perfect moments to hang on to. 

This blog is not intended to advertise Bumpino, but another massive point of positivity is finding like-minded people in the same boat.  Meeting with other mums and self-caring as we met by doing some exercise helped so much.  The fresh air and socializing not only lifted my spirits but enabled me to see that I really wasn’t on my own.  Motherhood is a tough gig.  But, a problem shared really makes a difference.  None of our experiences will be identical and we will all react to similar situations in different ways but an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on and a smile to share are massively important and I urge every mother out there to make a connection today.

Bless you all. 

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