Deck the halls

If you’re anything like me when your kid brings home a delightful hand-crafted decoration from school, you’ll do the classic “that’s lovely dear, tell me all about how you made it”, but secretly be thinking “do we really have to put that on the tree?!”  Hopefully, you’re not like me and you embrace the beautiful, glittery, colourful decorations and allow them pride of place!

However, I thought I’d share today a very simple, yet highly effective, tasteful Christmas decoration with which the kids can also get involved.  Let’s face it, where there’s glitter, there’s a child.  These decorations can be used for the tree or for elegant wrapping!  With the Christmas holidays approaching it’s helpful to have a few ideas up your sleeve.

You will need:


White paint


Brown paper

Paper sticky tape (environmentally friendly and way better and sticking brown paper)


Christmassy foliage

Firstly dip the pine cones into the white paint

Sprinkle on the glitter

Leave to dry

If hanging on the tree use the string to make a loop

Add a bit of green foliage to decorate a present

Fun for all.  Beautiful results!

4 thoughts on “Deck the halls

  1. Oh, that’s so beautiful! As the owner now of several assorted crafts made by middle schoolers because I just couldn’t bring myself to say no, I really appreciate how classic and beautiful this is–and it’s something I would totally repurpose! Beautiful craft for little hands 🙂

  2. I love glittery pinecones, and how simple they are to make! I’ve never thought to add them to a present, but I did purchase a clear round vase from the Dollar Store, put a candle in it and surrounded it with glittery pinecones- an inexpensive yet perfectly festive decoration!

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