Driving home for Christmas

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…oh wait…we can’t.  I’m sure there are many of you who have had Christmas plans shattered as the news last week told us that we could no longer spend Christmas elsewhere.  It came as a bit of a blow to us as I was hoping my parents could see Awena as they have basically missed […]


Deck the halls

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If you’re anything like me when your kid brings home a delightful hand-crafted decoration from school, you’ll do the classic “that’s lovely dear, tell me all about how you made it”, but secretly be thinking “do we really have to put that on the tree?!”  Hopefully, you’re not like me and you embrace the beautiful, […]


Bubble Pop

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Hasn’t it been nice to have the sun over the last couple of days and appreciate the warmth of it in comparison to the crisp autumnal air?  After such a lot of rain, it has been a great blessing.  Nevertheless, the rain does force us to get more creative indoors and so Poppi and I […]


Old Paint

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Ahhh, the summer holidays.  I wonder how you read that “ahhh”.  Ahhh as in “help” or ahhh as in “phew”.  The summer holidays can be an almighty sense of relief for some parents, but for others, they can be quite the opposite and somewhat daunting.  Six endless weeks to fill with activities and entertainment.  As […]


It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter…

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The sun is shining, the lambs are skipping in the fields and the Easter holidays are nearly here!  It feels like spring has been a long time coming and these sneaky glimmers of hope are almost becoming torturous.  Generally, the spring is such an uplifting time. The days start getting longer, our moods pick up […]