Time after time

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Do you ever think there’s not enough time in life? I think that must be the thing I say the most. In fact, I probably say it every day. When your day is squished between 9 and 3 and nap times are the only time you have to get anything done life continually feels very […]


Sunday Blues

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Sunday afternoon blues…how many of us get that weird sinking feeling as the weekend draws to a close and the impending week looms around the corner?  I, generally, love my job, but I still, most definitely, get Sunday blues.  I remember Sunday blues on maternity leave too.  Monday was always a bit of a nothing […]


What a wonderful world

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As the end of a pretty hectic term draws to a close I think it’s about time I took a minute to practice what I preach!  I have spoken to a lot of people over the last week who in one way or another feel totally drained.  Surely the summer should be a time of […]