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“I think he just wanted to be noticed” – Billy Bixbee from There’s no such thing as a dragon Why is it that as humans we all crave so much attention?  Why do we want to be noticed? Yet, for some of us, when we are noticed, we shrink away or wish the floor would […]


Don’t stop movin’

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Our bodies are the texts that carry the memories and therefore remembering is no less than reincarnation – Katie Cannon (p. 184) Stress.  A word we hear far too much?  We are born with a predisposition for stress.  A little stress is actually a good thing; we need some!  In every moment of our lives […]


To infinity

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Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “Woah, that little life tottering around in front of me totally depends on me and many of the things I do to shape its future?”  What a responsibility to think that our influence as parents can either create or change a future.  As a play therapist, I work with […]


You’re Beautiful

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Our bodies are extraordinary concepts.  Our minds are even more staggering.  Yet, however detached we may feel from one or the other they are intrinsically linked.  As my role as a play therapist, I have worked with numerous children who have taught themselves not to feel.  Due to pain and trauma, they have experienced in […]